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Uploading Live | High Energy/No Steam in the “Protest Against Sectarianism”   Report this
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Uploading this live, using mobile technology, from the street as the protest is taking place at Mar Mkheil in Chiyah-Beirut. Visual estimate: about 600-1000 people showed up. Heavy rain. Protesters have a great energy, but some agree that their official demands as circulated by TV media (mostly about the protesters list of demands to improve economic conditions such as minimum wage, cost of food staples, gasoline, public education, job opportunities, clientalism and bribery, housing, social security and retirement) are not clearly aligned with the objective of the protest itself (to end sectarianism in the country). When asked how they perceive the best way to end sectarianism, the common response was a rant about ending corruption and improve economic conditions. How’s that directly related to specifying an agenda to end sectarianism? Most seem to say that that comes in “our next move or steps.” No one seems to suggest amendments in the constitution and in the Taif accord.

The protest is a great initial step, but it is lacking enough steam in terms of its popular dimensions among the masses. It needs some alignment of demands with the stated objective to eliminate confusion of objectives. Hopefully the next move will be broader and more specific.

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