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Lebanese hip hop is a pioneering movement in arabic Hip-Hop as Lebanese youth were among of the first to be affected by hip hop culture. Also considered Lebanese hip hop is the output of Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon, who add to the Lebanese hip hop culture.

Toffar is one of the greatest lebanese crews which was found in the early 2008.Toffar’s songs reviels the hard life situations Bekaa valley(Lebanon) is facing.

Erhab one of the greatest G-rap record labels found in Lebanon.Erhab Records songs mostly talk about city life,low life,night life….

AKS’SER, an Arabic hip-hop group from Lebanon, was formed by two Beirut-based rappers whose music is a discourse about a society marked by civil war.

Militia L Jabal is a crew in Mount. Lebanon .There  music gives you a clear view of the situation in that place (Wars ,social problems,weapons,….)

Katibe 5 (meaning Battalion 5) is a Palestinian rap act from the Bourj L Barajneh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon.

961 Underground the best arab Hip-Hop Mc’s joined together giving the listner the best music.

Ramez a solo Lebanese rap artist signed to an independent producer reaches the highest rap sales at Virgin Megastores in 2007 and became the first Lebanese rapper to hit the top charts on NRJ with the Lebanese rap song “Leich Heik Baladé”.

Clotaire K, another Lebanese rapper was nominated by BBC Radio 3 for Award for World Music in 2005 .

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